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Melinda –

Victim Location 84094

Type of a scam Employment

Listed on CareerBuilder as “Data Entry Clerk—Work From Home. American Online Jobs”. It is actually a website where you take servey’s for a dollar a piece.

Craig –

Victim Location 60618

Type of a scam Sweepstakes/Lottery/Prizes

Like several other have said, this company asks you to take surveys for a ridiculously small amount of compensation, promises you can "cash out" when you’ve reached 30, and then blocks your account for supposed violations when you’ve come close. I was over $20 when I found that my account was blocked for reasons that seem completely made up to me. Only thing I did in this site was take surveys and click on their emails. I inquired and got an automated response I am copy/pasting below.

In addition, this company should be fined for false advertisement as they keep posting supposedly 5 star reviews and suspiciously none of the mention the problems you can read about here. Don’t waste your time providing your information. I regret the stupid impulse that made me take that first survey and the fact that I’ve provided my information to this scam.

Here is the message I received:

Unfortunately, the account you are inquiring about has been flagged for violation of one or more of our Terms of Membership.

This may be the result of:

– Duplicate accounts (More than 1 account per computer, household, IP)

– Violation of Advertiser’s terms/conditions

– Access of the account outside the area eligible for Membership

– Use of a VPN, Proxy Network, etc.

– Other violation of our Terms

Roy –

Victim Location 40422

Type of a scam Phishing

The website offers taking online surveys for cash. It puts you through to third party "survey providers", but they take your phone number and address to have scammers call you and harass you.



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