Iland holdings assess holdings,titam group

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Cassandra –

Victim Location 15348

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

yes I would like some information about this company, the reason is that I received a arbitration telephone call yesterday , and she said if I didn’t,t want to go to jail that I would have to pay this company 890 dollars to stop the arrest notice, so I gave her all of my information and spoke to someone else so they could take my bank information, so I gave it to her so what do I do now she also explained that it was for a payday loan I don,t think that I done this, but if I did I Wii take full responsibility for this action, and she also said that I had another one which is Access Holdings she deleted the same thing the amount is 850 dollars as well, and she also gave me another one for titan group for 915 dollars so what do I do I am scared to death. So could you help me in resolve this in any way. Thank you



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