I.N.K. and Associates, LLC

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Kayla –

Victim Location 08065

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Called my mother said the are law firm looking for her son (me) Told here I put her as contact and if she did not give them my contact number she was breaking the law. My mother is in here 70’s they scared her to death. They also told her I had 24 hours to call them or they were sending a warrant for me an serve me with papers.

I called them with a case number they left my mom. First thing they tried to get out of me was my date of birth.

They had my last name not sure how and close to my real date of birth.

Not sure how they got my info.

I asked twice if they were a law firm and first time they said yes. Second time I asked again they said no but they have a legal department.

Not sure what scam they are running I wouldn’t let them get that far. There address appears to be a UPS PO box.

They are extremely rude on the phone and try to scare you. They need to be investigated.

Marissa –

Victim Location 27405

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was called first by Dynamic Locators and informed that a complaint had been made on me then the caller hung up. I called them back 19 times(being disconnected from my call backs several times) to finally be given the Phone number to INK and Associates with a file number. I called INK and Associates and was told by Brian that I had a debt from Texaco Gas in 1996 that had been purchased by them and that they would be sending the police to my home with a summons to court. 1996????

Natalie –

Victim Location 90028

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from Advanced Locations (no physical address) supposedly in Jacksonville FL. A Scott Williams from phone number (904) 274 – 8010 told me to contact I.N.K. and Associates, LLC, in regard to a lawsuit filing against me. I have tried calling the phone number (866) 516 – 2422 over 30 times. Why so many times? Well, all I did was the operator his name, as to know who I am speaking with. He refused to give me anything other than “Brian”, and will not connect me with anyone else to talk to. I asked for a manger, he laughed at me. The operator; “Brian”, if that is his name, just hangs up the phone on me, or transfers me to hold and never picks back up the phone. I am trying to find out what the issue is, if there truly is one, and have phone records showing that I called the company many times in order to resolve this, and have began recording the calls to show “Brian”’s abusive tone and ways, hang-ups, and transfers to hold with no end. He now has began answering his phone, and gave me to a manager, Daniel Soler, who is obviously just another operator. This Soler went as far as to invite me down for a fight at their Riverside office. It is amazing how big a scam this feels like. Now, after calling back 20 more times, a woman answered, she would not give me her name, and has placed me on hold, which has been for over five minutes, and no answer. The way this company is handling everything feels crooked and I can only imagine where it will go from here. BEWARE, if not a scam, this company made my life a living hell, and never even gave me a manger to talk with, and resolve my issue.



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