Hwin, LLC

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Maria –

Victim Location 19053

Type of a scam Employment

This employer contacted me and within hours offered me a job without ever speaking to beyond email and instant message. The very next nay they sent me a check for nearly $3,000 in order to buy equipment from their vendor. The job was posted on govjobs.com under the company Accolade in LA, but the business was called Hwin LLC and registered at 5711 SILVER SKY WAY GREENSBORO, NC 27410 to a SREENIVAS RAVURI (although I never spoke to this man). I found this information by my own research. They were very pushy and very vague about what the company actually did. The were concerned with my possession of the check until I threatened to report fraud. At this point, they were very quick to cut contact. I am not sure what they were trying to gain from me (perhaps my SSN from a W4). I have all correspndence (email and IM). The phone number for the regestered domain (hwinllc.com) is 6122811853. Mr. Ravuri is supposedly a Senior SCM consultant at Attune USA Inc according to LinkedIn. I could not identify the scam, but the business seemed illegitimate.



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