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Jordan –

Victim Location 90713

Type of a scam Other

I have tried to remove my listing from this site though; there was no contact info nor any further information.

This is not right.

Even though many businesses have using our personal info such as Full names, Phone Numbers, Ages, and Physical Addresses

which any one can detect who we are to gain their business profits. And they said that these were available in public records,

so any one can broad cast our personal info in public! This is not right.

Especially, these our information are posted without out consents and these are used for their profits.

In my personal case, I have to hide from some certain people, so I have to remove these my personal info from public.

I can believe that US business bureau allows any business to do this which may create potentially these events: life threatening events, more bully victims, racial discrimination, age discrimination, and ID theft.

I really do not want post my information in public because I may get involved a life threatening event.

Thus, I have tried to chase these scam guys to remove my personal info though; only this site does not have any contact info nor removal service.

They just posted all our personal info by their own way and there was no way for me to contact them.

This abusive site must be terminated by a certain organization such as yours.

I do not have any other way for this company to stop running my personal info in public.

If you can help me on this, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you and have a good day!




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