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Lori –

Victim Location 29841

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I found this website advertising super discounted music equipment. When I tried to order a pair of guitars I got a order pending notice. The website said it was waiting on my bank to clear the payment. When I called my bank about it they said they hadn’t received a payment request. When I called visa they said that they had received numerous 80 to 100 dollar charges against my card and had put them on hold. Come to find out the website is a front for hackers to get your credit card info to make fradulent charges on your information. The website isn’t real and luckily I have a good bank that put a stop to all of it as well as froze the card info. The fact that anyone who has a Facebook or a Instagram can have the same thing happen to them if they make the same mistake as me. This needs to be ended.



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