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Brittany –

Victim Location 34109

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was inquiring about purchasing a Bernedoodle puppy. The Breeder’s website seemed so great!! There are stellar reviews, photos, and a lot of extremely helpful and knowledgeable information about this breed of dog. The price was only $1900 for every puppy on their website, and that includes flying this pet to anywhere in the United States. Since I have been shopping for this type of dog, it seemed like a really great deal. They priced the dogs so low to give everyone access to this breed. And their puppies are some of the nicest I have seen. Their website seems so caring and wonderful, and like I said, the testimonials are outstanding. I started getting a funny feeling because their correspondences did not seem at all like their website. Their website portrays a caring and thoughtful dog breeder, but their correspondences were cold and did not contain all the information I was seeking. They did not seem to care about the well being of their puppies as their website portrayed. AND, it is a situation that you must pay/wire money into their account. One of the testimonials indicated an apprehension about this, and then said they were happy they did it. Well, in doing my due diligence, and wanting to learn more about the individuals, I found they have another identical website for Maltese puppies as well, and another for Morkies!!! They probably have them for every breed, and throughout the country. They refer to themselves as Willis, Hilton, & Pruitt, and that’s just weird. Well, their Maltese and Morkie websites are virtually identical to the bernedoodle website. (Found them by googling Willis, Hilton, & Pruitt Midland, TX) The testimonials are exactly the same, except they changed the photos of the puppies, and the names of the people who provided the testimonials. The testimonials/reviews however, are exactly the same!! They are crooks!! I am so happy I caught this before I sent them money. The scammer will only text or email. I called and left him a message, but he didn’t call me back. His answers are vague, and he does not respond to all of my questions. I have asked if they could send a video of each of the 2 puppies I am interested in. Still waiting for the videos… I usually rescue, but have purchased a puppy from a breeder before. That breeder face-timed me, called me, and met me in person. He was just as concerned that his puppy was going to a good home. This one is not, even though the website pretends like it is. BEWARE!! This would be so easy to be scammed by.



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