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Jenna –

Victim Location 07869

Type of a scam Other

got call from 540-628-9534. was automated system offering free home security service promising that it was free to be connected and that it would be connected to local police, medical and fire services. Message said I could press a number to be put on do not call, or press another if interested in service. I pressed interested. Got connected to live female who said she was from "Home Security Network." She started to ask me questions but I interrupted and said "Before I can answer anything, I need to know if the local police are aware of your company." She said they were. I said, "So I will call the local police and if you check out as ok, I will call you back." She replied that they are a 3rd party entity and that the name is different in each state. I gave her my state and asked under whose name would the service be in my state. She replied that she did not have this information and that I would need to speak to a scheduling advisor, but could not connect me to the scheduling advisor unless I answered some questions. I replied, "OK, but I am not going to give you any personal information." She asked if I was a homeowner, I said I was. She then asked if I currently had any security system on my house. I replied, "I am not going to give you that information until I know the name of the company I would be dealing with and can check out the company with the police." She said, "Ok, then I will put you on the do not call list." I replied, "Wow, are you telling me that unless I tell you about my current security system you will not connect me to a sales person? Surely as a security company you can understand that I do not want to give out that information without checking out to whom I am speaking." Next thing I heard was a dial tone. I called the number back (540-628-9534) and I got an automated answer that simply stated I should press 1 to be put on the do not call list. There was no other option. No way to speak to anyone, nothing. I searched the number on google and found a website listing other people who had the same experience. PLEASE look into these people because some unsuspecting person is going to give out information that might endanger them!!



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