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Larry – Aug 25, 2020

Victim Location 65802

Type of a scam Government Agency Imposter

This company asked for a credit card and I didn’t have one so they suggested getting a green.card. She gave me a confirmation # but it is a short number, she was foreign and they didn’t get any info to legitify that I would be eligible.

Jenny –

Victim Location 10459

Type of a scam Government Grant

I’m not sure it’s a scam

Erin –

Victim Location 36867

Type of a scam Government Grant

I received four phone calls to buy two iTune Apple cards and upload $100 to each card in order to receive $14,655 i told the guy that I am no longer interested he then proceeded to get very disrespectful and angry. I then hung up the phone call. The number he called from was a google assistant number.

Toni –

Victim Location 43228

Type of a scam Government Grant

All week I have been receiving calls from a number that was unknown to me; however, today I was off of work and I answered the phone. I spoke with a gentleman who had a foreign accent. He stated that I was eligible for a grant as I had been online looking into grants for school. This is how they received my information. I had been approved for a grant in the amount of $9000.00 but first I was to go to Walmart and purchase a $200.00 gift card and to call him back and he would walk me through. I was to pick up the $9000.00 through MoneyGram.

Joy –

Victim Location 43203

Type of a scam Government Grant

On my caller ID, it said Tim Beemster. I answered the phone and it was a guy that sounded foreign. The guy said that I had applied for a government grant. I went along with it and the male said that he need 2.60 something for processing. Then he said 3.80 something for processing. He transferred me to his "supervisor " and the supervisor asked for a walmart credit card, visa or mastercard number. I asked how do i know this isnt a scam. He said if this was a scam he would have hung up on me (after he got my credit card information). He thought i gave him my REAL card number. But since it was declined, he kept trying to get a card that had money on it. I’m sure he would have hung up on me when/if he had gotten a card that approved his 4.00 "processing fee." I told him that i was going to call my bank and tell them to approve this transaction and call him back. I did NOT call my bank but I called the number back and sure enough it was Tim Beemster! (And not foreign at all)!

Jacqueline –

Victim Location 01119

Type of a scam Government Grant

I was called and told I had a grant that was awarded to me for 9000.00. I was asked for a 250.00 up front.



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