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Jay – Jun 23, 2020

I also received a response and the cost of $350 and shipping was only $150 from NJ to Texas. Red flag when they didn’t respond to my questions regarding parents of the puppy plus in this day and age only $150 to ship via a reputable source from NJ to Texas was an alert. Thankfully I googled scam and saw the comments. Thanks to everyone who took the time to place these alerts out there.

Ian – Jun 15, 2020

6/15/20 – I responded to their ad for a chihuahua puppy 2 weeks ago. At $350.00 plus $150.00 shipping it already had my radar up for being a scam. They responded back to me asking for some personal information. I had already researched them and saw the other review reporting a scam. I emailed them back asking for their address and phone number to which they replied Houston, TX. I told them great. My daughter lives in Austin and is only 2 hours away and can pick the puppy up. There’s been no communication since then. Do not send these people a dime. Lucky for me I did my homework.

Regina –

Victim Location 03581

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I found this company online and reached out to them by email seeking a chihuahua puppy. I received a response from this business, that the puppy would be $350.00 and shipping would be $150.00. The shipping would constitute flying the puppy from Richmond, TX to the nearest airport and driving the puppy on a truck to my house. I thought the price sounded very low, but it was not until the owner told me I needed to go to Walmart and send him a money order that I began to get suspicious. I told him that I have a Paypal account and would prefer to pay that way and the owner got very frustrated saying that I had to go to Walmart right away to do a money order so I could get this dog. Given the price and the insistence on money orders, I believe this is a scam. I also looked at other reviews online that said the same thing!



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