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Marie – Jun 26, 2020

I received a voicemail that sounded serious and they had my current address so I called them. A few hours later I received a call back. The woman spoke fast and became angry when I requested written proof within 5 days as required by law. She stated that they did that to a different address more than a year ago and I firmly stated that legally they have to give me one within 5 days of my request and that they did have my current address because it was stated on my voicemail. This is where she started calling me a bum and saying I would never pay my bills.
She got caught. Beware. This company sounds light but if you ask them to follow the law, you would see they are FAKE

Ramon – Jun 03, 2020

I paid them 500 dollars to settle a debt but the debt was never settled and the company collecting the debt ended up collecting the money when I sold my home… complete fraud don’t fall for it

Taylor – May 21, 2020

Victim Location 85737

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Left a voicemail with no identifying information.Threatened to "file charges" if no action was taken.

Katelyn –

Victim Location 48879

Type of a scam Other

For 2 months they have been leaving messages on my voicemail. Collect a wrongful debt. The automated system asks for someone’s elses name other than mine. Its says that this person is under review and a request for petition for the involvement of theft. You must contact them within 24 hours. Failure to respond will result in a guilty plea and suspension of license. The phone number they left was 817-697-7062. They end the call with "good luck". It is a Fort Worth, TX phone number.



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