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Frederick – Jul 08, 2020

Victim Location 28540

Total money lost $130

Type of a scam Tech Support

I had bogus charges thru my paypal account, and the same day I received the attached voicemail. I contacted them and they told me they needed me to do a few things to my computer to remove the "program" this charge was linked to and that is when they gained remote access to my computer, changed my sign in method and changed my password. They asked for my paypal information, which I did not give them, then they asked for the debit card associated with it. I would not give them my information. I was logged into Amazon, and all of my email accounts and they tried to purchase a $200 Amazon gift card on my account, which luckily the primary card declined. Next thing I knew, the caller was demanding that I give him a debit card with a balance of over $500 in order for him to give me my new password for my lock screen on my computer. I was completely locked out with no access to my computer. I spoke to two gentlemen with accents, both acted helpful and acted like they had my best interest at heart. By the end of the call, they were rude, abnoxious and told me good luck without having my password, and hung up the phone.



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