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Armando – Jun 28, 2020

Victim Location 59711

Total money lost $102.60

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On 6/20/20, I placed an order for a Nintendo Switch Lite for $88.75 from a URL ( that had a security lock and appeared to be a legitimate website called "Game Play". After making the purchase, the receipt I received from PayPal indicated that I was charged $102.06 against my account (an additional $13.31 – an unauthorized and undisclosed fee without listing what it was for) by a seller named Zirkzee Daimen. Furthermore, the tracking number provided by the seller for USPS (which I didn’t check until 6/27/20 when the order didn’t arrive in the shipping time indicated), turned out to be fake – it was for something shipped and delivered nearly a month before I placed the order: "Tracking number 9400109898642940140529 Delivered May 22, 09:45AM". Moreover, when I emailed the seller yesterday at [email protected] I received a Gmail reply "Address Not Found" and "554 delivery error: dd Not a valid recipient –". I then did more research on the site and it appears to be a scam. It’s upsetting that PayPal allowed a scam merchant to utilize their services to scam customers through them. I received no product, cannot reach the seller, and it appears my child and I were scammed over $100 because I chose a website that appeared to be "safe."



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