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Pedro –

Victim Location 75212

Total money lost $225

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

Bought some CBD product form a facebook ad and the company asked for bitcoin, which I didn’t think was too weird because I’d heard was common since all of this has just now become legal and the financial conversions are still in transition. So I don’t know about the bitcoin thing and he said I could get a walmart gift card which would be the same thing. i do the $225 and send him the picture and receipt to prove it, scratch the silver back so he can convert it to payment. So he sends me the tracking # and a picture of the website of the freight company, which I have to search for: flashfreight.online I pop in the tracking number and get an email reply saying it’s being held up by customs and needs a customs levie stamp of $550, which I will receive back in cash at time of delivery. So the number I’ve been texting (from the ad) says I have to contact them (reply to the email) and he has nothing to do with it, but it’s all bogus. No address or phone # on the website, no dynamic links on the facebook/twitter/snaphcat/etc..icons, and he can’t tell me where or how they got the package to this company. Website says 25yrs in the business etc.. and when I go to whois.com to check the domain it says it was just created in May 2019.

I got scammed and probably deserve it. Trying to save a few bucks and I should have just gone down the street to any of the stores that are open now and paid twice the price. Shame on me, lesson learned



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