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Nicole – Jul 07, 2020

Victim Location 66502

Total money lost $350

Type of a scam Online Purchase

“Dachshund” on Facebook posted pictures of a cute puppy claiming it was available for adoption. They requested a “deposit” for the dog. They initially told me they use “Airvet pet relocation” but later said they use “FedEx discrete.” For the transport I disclosed my email, my address, phone number and full name. When “FedEx discrete” was to transport the dog they needed more money due to the COVID protocols. Then they needed a “refundable deposit” for a special crate. They claimed the dog was in an airport waiting for a vet certificate. In total they asked for over $2000. After I paid the initial deposit I didn’t give them any more and they called to say I was abandoning the animal and I would be liable for animal abuse. After several attempts to receive a refund and no dog arriving I am convinced that I was scammed. Both the initial deposit and the payment to FedEx were to be done through “Zelle” or “Cashapp” I understood this for an individual and a deposit, but for a large company made no sense.



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