Federal Student Loan Forgiveness Program Imposter

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Autumn –

Victim Location 29650

Type of a scam Phishing

I received several phone calls from this Irvine, CA number claiming to be part of the Federal Student Loan forgiveness program. They asked me several questions about sensitive information from me such as my social, security question answers, banking account information, etc. They claimed that they needed the banking information in order to set up auto payments so that it would stay on track since it was “government based”. I was on my lunch break when they asked me all of this information and eventually I had to hang up because my hour was up. When I called back to finish the process I got another person who looked me up and stated they had no information for me. I had just given all of my private information to someone who repeated the information back!!! This was an opportunity I wanted to take advantage of since I am a mother of 2 children and married. I looked up the actual government website and called the customer care number, told the representative what happened, and they helped me to rectify the situation by changing my password, security questions, oh and I had to call my bank the next morning to ensure no fraudulent activity occurred. The real representative told me that if a real legitimate associate called they would never ask for my security question answers and set up my account for me. These people use the governments actual number to call back but it routes the calls to them and they actually access the real FAFSA website. When I called to inform the people at the real number that there are scammers using their information to trick people they just said “ok thank you.” And hung up. Ridiculous! They need to be shut down!!!!



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