Father United For Children In Christ

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Lydia –

Victim Location 48233

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Charity

He (Tyrone Riley) if that’s his real name. This man has been in my Facebook inbox since January this year. It was casual conversation at first. You know… good morning, how’s your day, what’s the weather like there? After a bad split up the middle of February, that left me heart broken and vulnerable, I finally decided to give him my number. He called. We laughed and talked for hours about everything you can think of. He prayed for me he told me that the lord sent him to me, to love me, help me and heal my broken heart. He said all the right things to me, that made me feel loved. Not in love, but loved and respected as a person. We FaceTimed a lot. He sent me pictures of him and his children together. One night I got off work and had to go to the gas station alone and he stressed how worried and unsafe it was and that I should move somewhere safe. I told him….that was my plan. He asked me what area I want to live in. I said, “Garden City.” He then gave me a address to look up on Realtor.com. The house was nice. I kept searching at his request. I came across a few I liked. He said, “let’s message them about the house.” We did, and a very nice lady contacted him and I. He told me that he has a none profet organization called Fathers United For Children In Christ, and he could help get me funds to purchase my dream home. He told me to go to Walmart to send a down payment to a Deandrea Johnson that also lives in Texas with him. He said she’s on the board at his none profit organization. After the $400 was sent the calls, facetime, and messages got less and lesser. Once I realized he was a lier, I txted him goin off and telling him to send my money back, he said, “ok later!” I haven’t received my money back yet. I’ve attempted to reach out to him through txt messages and calls. No response. I have a lot of information on him. I have filed a police report and I plan on suing him, and spreading the word about this Facebook scammer. I have uploaded his Facebook profile. Please spread the word and be aware of him.



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