Family Unity Gil lden Doodles

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Dane – Jun 13, 2020

I just sent an inquiry on two gorgeous pups and thought too good to be true – came looking for reviews! Thank you!

Gerald – Jun 07, 2020

I’ve been searching for a golden doodle & came across their website, I inquired which pup I wanted & they responded with a big email stating that their requirements for a new home for the pet & sent me pictures of the pup with prices too. I sent an email back stating my requirements also & gave an ultimatum that I would take my business elsewhere if they don’t give me proof that the pup exists & I didn’t send any money. I’ve seen reviews & this confirms my suspicion. I feel terrible for people getting scammed & I’ve been scammed just recently for a pup. My advice, do research, demand videos, FaceTime calls & veterinarian reports & talk to the vet themselves & check the company name to see if the vet is real also, pick your own pet courier service that BBB approved. Any kinda way to confirm the pup is real. Everyone wants a good deal for a pup. Sadly 98% of the time their thousands of dollars from popular breeders, it’ll hurt your wallet but for me it’s better to pay more from a popular breeder than get scammed

Eric – May 28, 2020

I also should have been more skeptical. After lenghthly correspondence I asked I’m friends I know could stop by and see the pup. I was told that I was untrustworthy and to go find a pup elsewhere! Almost fell for their line!

Andre – May 13, 2020

I was Leary because the site is not secure you just reassured my hesitation thank you

Sean – May 01, 2020

Thank your for the above post. I almost did it and i realized it’s too good to be true. Scam

There is a reason why there is no reviews but this one

Maurice – Apr 13, 2020

Victim Location 44512

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Family unity doodles represented themselves as breeders of mini golden doodles. I chose my puppy via FaceTime and began adoption proceedings. I sent in my required deposit and received a certificate of owner transfer. I now began making arrangements for delivery of my puppy to me. With assistance from the “breeder” I attained a pet delivery service. I received flight times and delivery confirmation times and proceeded to pay for the cost of her delivery. As I eagarly await the delivery of my puppy I receive an email from the pet delivery service asking for a pet insurance policy and until I send the cost of the insurance my puppy is stuck at their facility. Of course I was a bit wary and reached out to my “breeder” and he assured me this was necessary. Out of concert or my puppy I sent additional funds for my puppy, which was to arrive the next day. The arrival time came and went with no puppy, I immediately began trying to reach both the breeder and the pet courrier. I could get no response from either party. These people took me for $1,000. Beware. They represent themselves as Christians to gain your trust and as a Christian myself, it worked. This puppy was to be a support animal for my daughter that suffers from depression. Needless to say, the loss of her puppy did nothing but make matters worse. Be very aware, this is a scam!!!

Kelsey – May 03, 2020

Thank you for taking the time to post this. I’m so sorry for your negative experience, and for all this hurting your daughter even more. God will use this for good. You already prevented two people from going through the same experience. My boys have already had so much pain and loss when their father passed away, so to save them from this experience is a blessing to us. I said a prayer for your daughter, and will continue to keep her and your family in my prayers.


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