False relative needs money

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Suzanne –

Victim Location 61107

Type of a scam Family/Friend Emergency

Received call from a young male claiming to be my favorite grandson. I asked is this ____, and he said yes and that his voice sounded different because his nose was broken during a car accident. He claimed to be held by the police because he had been drinking. He asked if I could help by calling his lawyer and arranging to make this "go away." Meanwhile, my wife called our grandson ______ and found him to be home and well. I then cut the criminal off. The story that he was telling was quite involved and plausible, but when I called him on his fraud, he simply hung up the phone.

I called our local police to report this but was told that "if they followed up on all such attempted frauds, then there would be no time left to fight crime." It seems that the crooks have a free hand to continue without consequence.



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