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Marie – Jun 16, 2020

They are the biggest scammers. The company scammed me out of $2300. II was in desperate need of a loan. I even had to borrow money to pay the funds up front. Im in the worst situation now. ts absolutely disgusting how people can rip others off. I hope all of us get our funds back and the scammers go to jail.

Jay – May 29, 2020

I needed a bit of a loan to help get me up to date because this flu wasn’t helping my family. So, they called me, and of course, any help I could get was awesome. They said that I would have to pay my first payment in advance. I didn’t have a problem with that but then some guy phoned the next day that they didn’t want me to email it to them, they wanted bitcoin. They gave me all the paperwork so away I went, got money out of my account and went where they told me that there was a bitcoin machine. So, I did it. The people at the store told me it was probably a scam and to watch out.I went, got money and went to the bitcoin machine. Again, the people said to watch out. But, I was just excited to get help, even though they hadn’t helped me in any way, yet. Then, the 3rd day, the VP of Finance called me and the lady that talked to me before, didn’t collect all the insurance so away I went again. got money and went to the bitcoin machine. The next day, I phoned and asked for my money back. They said no problem, just had to wait to the end of the month and it would be returned to me and I was to call them to make sure I got it. I thought this was kind of odd because I didn’t know how it would be returned. I called 5 or 6 times throughout the month and always got the same story, don’t worry, it will be returned to you. So, on April 4th, when I was supposed to call, I had no money and the phone lines were always busy. I have sent emails, I have phoned, but nothing. I am still trying but my $2,100 is lost. I am lucky it wasn’t a bigger amount but still, it is my money but I got scammed good. …Tom

Brandy – May 03, 2020

Victim Location 07302

Total money lost $12,502

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for a loan to help relieve me from financial burden, the contact seemed legit and I was told that I would have to pay an insurance policy as I was a high risk, and my first 2 payments I did all that and still after a month have not received my funds and when I call the company it rings back busy, now I am worse off then when I was when it all started out a lot of pocket and can’t believe I fell for something so stupid



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