Check Dorissyym reviews to see if it is legit.

Sierra – Nov 07, 2020

I am so disappointed and angry I had ordered the 1x buy 3 free shipping battery powered wood cutter – gta 26 powered chainsaw x1 back on the 24/9/2020 and yesterday on the 6/11/2020 I had received 1 chain with the orange handles on it I was hoping to have them before Christmas but I haven’t even received what I had ordered I’m not happy at all you advertise these items and want people to buy them and you don’t get what you order my order cost $27.98
My order number is DOR4481
So can someone please let me know where my delivery is thanks
And if this is definitely a scam
Linda Thomson
This is the chain I got sent to me

Linda – Oct 17, 2020

All I can say they got my money too it’s a scam

Jermaine – Oct 14, 2020

I order this in September I just received it in today’s mails(10/13/2020) . I was looking forward to this wig but I must say I was truly disappointed in this poorly production of a wig it looks bad there was no lace on and it look like a bad hat I am sending it back to you, it not even close to the wig you had on hope that you had better quality wigs in your collection because this is not one of them, I will be expecting a complete a full refund in 10 days to my card. Thanks again but I can’t wear something like the product you sent.

Troy – Oct 07, 2020

Yes ordered a handheld battery saw, and only reviewed the chain. Had an order number, $27.98 package came from China. Complete scam. Buyer beware.

Christopher – Oct 07, 2020

Sorry that was only recieved the chain.

Sandra – Sep 25, 2020

I am currently waiting on an order and am as well dealing with no way to communicate with anyone. Seems I need to remember to check for scam data before I decide to purchase . Sucks but what can you do😕

Ross – Sep 21, 2020

Ordered a chain saw on the 26th of august and money was taken out of bank on credit card and 27 days later I have not heard a word from this company what a scam

Arthur – Sep 07, 2020

i bought 2 pairs of sneakers from them a month ago and haven’t received anything, i have emailed them multiple times, now when i emailed them, i get a message back saying the email doesn’t even exist anymore.

Manuel – Sep 02, 2020

I order 2 braided wigs from this place after waiting over 2 months only to receive a small pack of crochet hair and then a month later received a poorly braided wig. This place is a scam please do not order from them I wish I had done my research.

Gloria – Sep 02, 2020

This is what I ordered

Sara – Sep 02, 2020

i feel you guys i have ordered in July I think it was on the 2nd and still have not got anything except your order is on the way but prior to that i asked for a refund and like you guys said an email saying thank you for your purchase and i spent $43.95 because i was suppose to get express shipping i still have not gotten nothing we can not communicate or anything but this is a lesson I will learn from believe that im just shocked like this never happen to me before but hey you live and you learn never again believe that..but they need to be reported but to who?

Jodi – Aug 29, 2020

Total BS wig. It’s of all it took almost 4 weeks to receive after two weeks contacted seller to how much longer before shipment and they didn’t reply. Contacted PayPal (disappointed with them as well). The company contacted me via them and offered me $5 credit for $40 purchase after I requested a refund. I refused it then two days later they said item shipped but didn’t receive for another two weeks. The wig a pure trash and nothing like the very detailed wig the model is wearing. This is a complete scam. They should not be allowed to rip people off. They need to be shut down then need they [censored] beat!

Stephen – Aug 21, 2020

Victim Location 21225

Total money lost $31.95

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered a wig from them. I went online and saw some additional to order so I decided to cancel the order to do one complete order. I sent an email for cancellation about 2 days after placing my order, in order to catch them before shipping. Well 2 weeks passed and I received no communication whatsoever. Not regarding shipment, cancellation or anything. Than when I finally do receive a response, all it says is "thank you for your purchase, we’ll let you know when your order is being shipped." I believe it’s a scam because they don’t reply to my emails recently sent. They send a whole new email, as if to get rid of my cancellation requests. There is no # number to call, only an email address and when you go to the website the address is all scrambled. Also, they mentioned free shipping for orders over $30 and that was NOT the case with my order. They don’t want to give me my money back before shipping. I have given them enough time to refund me before shipping but I just keep getting the same "thank you for your purchase" emails.



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