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Walter – Dec 13, 2020

Sounds like me on tires a web site called Flexasi.com PayPal the money was sent to Hiep Dinh I was took for $95.96 filed with BBB.calling the bank and a little talk with PayPal..

Derrick –

This company is a scam product seller. They provided a created UPS tracking number to tell you that they have sent the product. The product was never delivered. Paypal is support this scammer. I am thinking closing account with Paypal since they are in favor of the scammer.

Bryce –

Victim Location 44512

Total money lost $126.88

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered two ring doorbells and $126.88 was deducted from my credit card . Received invalid tracking numbers and never obtained product . Upon further investigation found out many others have been scammed from the same people! Thought checkout was through paypal but when I checked my account – there was no record of transaction – apparently they can fake this also!

Erika –

Similar to some others I ordered a product that I never received. I also have a UPS tracking number and the package was supposedly delivered to the wrong address. I followed up at this address, which is a company, and they never received it. I also opened a problem with Paypal and they have denied my claim saying they were able to contact this vendor and the vendor said the package was delivered. The vendor never responded to me. I will be following up with Paypal and encouraging them to look at this site. Perhaps others who are dealing (unsuccessfully) with Paypal can do the same.

Geoffrey –

I had order the paw patrol sea patroller for my son for Christmas and I received a email saying it was shipped 2 weeks ago and I tried using the tracking number and said it wasn’t a full number I have tried contacting the person multiple times and no emails back I am very upset with this company this company is a joke 😡😡😡

Marissa –

Ordered a doll for my daughter on November 27th from “jerseyeasy”.
After paying with PayPal I saw on my checking account that the payment of $36.05 went to DINH HOANG HIEP.
When it kept not showing up I looked into it. Everything was fake.
I should have just paid full price thru Amazon.
Luckily, my bank reversed the charges

Alan –

dinh hoang hiep uses half price as bait. After placed order for $50, I saw all the complaints, I double checked their website, same as other said, obvious fraud. but it is a little late now. the website is gong. I am not going to see my $50. If it is too good to be true, it is not true.

Wesley –

Scammer’s website HUDASHDY

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Ordered a 18″ jojo siwa babydoll was given a wrong tracking number and was supposed to be delivered to wrong address but never recieved at either address

Caroline –

Ordered a 18″ doll never recieved it filed a claim with paypal they denied my claim because it was supposed to be delivered but to a wrong address. Contacted the company it was supposed to be delivered to they looked everywhere and it wasn’t delivered there. Will be closing my paypal account since they support scammers.

Martha –

I ordered a product from this company..I recieved a ups tracking number..which shows the package was delivered to a different address..I have a claim filed with pay pal..fingers crossed

Wesley –

Victim Location 87413

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Ordered a product from this company. I received a UPStracking # that was delivered to a different location ,not my home. Tried to resolve through pay-pal with no results. Cannot find the product or this offer online anymore . I got jacked for $57.98

Ian –

I got ripped off for 2495 trying to buy my granddaughter a walker for her birthday I never received it but they took my money

Felicia –

I got ripped off for 2495 ordering a baby walker from my granddaughter for her first birthday and never got it



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