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Miguel – Nov 22, 2020

isent the money to delta courier company but they really denied that i didnot send it to deliver my package from my friend a broad country,iwas really diverstated by the situation,remember,ihad borrowed the money from my fiend which i have to pay back,am really worried,what should i do,tyey took my money yet they didnot deliver my package,is this fake or real,instead, they would keep demanding me more money to pay of which inever had before,really help me to reply

Ashley – Oct 22, 2020

Such a fraud company

Colleen – Oct 22, 2020

I got a friend request in facebook and checked the profile . I accepted the request and then after some days we began to chat on whatsapp . He said that today was his birthday and he will send me gifts . Then he said that the parcel is ready and the courier service will text me .The very next day , the courier service texted me that there for me and I have to pay ₹35,000 Indian rupees for airport clearance.The name of the company was Delta courier .I paid the money and then they said that they will not deliver my parcel today, it will be delivered tomorrow .Then tomorrow the courier service called me and said that I have to pay them ₹75,000 for scanning .I paid that also now they are still not deliver my parcel, such horrible delta courier service is fraud as well as the person who send me the parcel. Because when they call me or text me, their type of conversation is same .

Patricia – Oct 20, 2020

I “purchased” a puppy from Santa Fe, NM and they supposbly gave me a tracking number to follow up for the delivery. Puppy was never delivered they kept asking for money via cash app. First for an electric crate then for an Insurance fee that was supposbly going to be reimbursed once the puppy was delivered. They were asking that I send $1,530 which of course I did not send.

Ricky –

Victim Location 24531

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was attempting to purchase a pug puppy from a breeder who said he was in Norfolk, VA. He then said he took the puppy to Delta Courier Services in Maryland to be delivered to my address. Delta Courier Service sent an email with a logo that said "Delta Cargo" stating that the dog could not be delivered without an electric crate which would cost $620.00 to rent or $1500.00 to purchase. They then began calling trying to get me to send in a money gram for the electric crate. Supposedly, $600.00 would be reimbursed. They would never give a physical address, business phone number other than the cell calling me, and I could not find information on the internet about them. I feel like the breeder was working with this group to scam more money from people wanting to buy puppies. I could hear a horn blaring in the background, like a ship horn, when speaking with both the breeder and the courier.



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