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Cole –

Victim Location 62703

Type of a scam Employment

Offered a job for $30/hr to deliver medications. Wanted to interview in their apartment, after they sent a motorized wheel chair to my home to deliver to the apartment. Wanted to send me a check for $3300 to have my bank cash it, use the cash to buy the chair, then the rest was to book me for work for the week. They couldn’t keep the lie straight, said they had a 2015 van to use for deliveries, then it was a 2012. And the pay didn’t add up either of course. Might have had a similar scam in Texas.

Claudia –

Victim Location 43081

Type of a scam Employment

CVS pharmacy doesn’t use Google Hangouts to interview/discuss a job. If a company called CVS pharmacy says to go to Google Hangouts, DO NOT!

Alana –

Victim Location 35654

Type of a scam Phishing

The woman on phone said she was a CVS pharmacy tech. She said she notice that some of my medications could be filled for 90 days. She continued by saying I could get med filled for 90 days and all she needed was my birthday. It startled me and I was about to give her my birthdate. But I realized I already get my medication filled for 90 days. Duh! and I told her that and hung up the phone. I maybe completely paranoid but better to be safe than sorry. Thank you for the job that BBB of Alabama does.

Cameron –

Victim Location 63385

Type of a scam Government Grant

Person called from number 813-632-7912 and caller ID said CVS Pharmacy. Caller asked if my dad was the homeowner and said his name. He said yes. They said that the government wanted to give him $1600 dollars and to get it he had to call 914-288-6132 and give them the account number they gave him and ask for Nicole Jones. He called the number and gave them the account number and they asked if I had a Walmart near me and that is when he realized it was a scam and hung up. He did not give them any personal information but I told my dad about a scam where they want you to answer "Yes" so they can record it and charge your accounts. I wanted to report this so you can track what areas this is happening.

The original call was from 813 area code which is Tampa, Fl.

The number to call back on was 914 area code which is Westchester County, NY.



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