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Marissa –

Total money lost $628.74

Type of a scam Online Purchase

This was an ad on Facebook that advertised a free trial of the products for $10 to the cost of the consumer (anti-aging moisturizer and eye cream). I read the review and checked them out online and it appeared legit so I signed up for a free trail. I was then charged two charges of 109.79 for ‘skingood’ and $99.79 for ‘face cream’ following the $10 charge. I was then shipped 2 additional packages that showed up a few weeks apart – I have been away so was a bit delayed in receiving them (I was of course confused as I was not expecting anything nor had I requested/purchased this). There was no company name or invoice included in the packages or on the shipping labels and I never received any emails regarding my apparent purchases/invoices, terms of conditions, regular deliveries, etc….nothing from the company whatsoever). When I checked my credit card online, I noticed 2 more additional charges as described above, all three charges totaling $628.74!!! The description that came through on the credit card is vague and does not even reference the company name, only the product description.

I immediately called the company and got a sketchy customer service line that did not allow me an option to speak to a customer service representative (by dialing 1 or 0 or *) without first entering my full name, followed by the first 4 digits of my credit card, followed by the last 4 digits of my credit card.

I was immediately suspicious so tried entering 1234 and the automated voice indicated that was not valid. When I tried entering 0000, it worked to get me through to a service rep. When I asked him to indicate what the company name was before providing anymore information he was requesting, he indicated they are a third party customer service center and weren’t sure of the name of the company and could not get it up on his system, even though they have my full name and credit card and are shipping and charging me for products.

He said he could only refund the most recent charge of $209.58 and that I had agreed to the terms and conditions when I signed up for the free trial. He said the $10 was actually a service/processing/shipping charge and their return policy is only for 18 days after signing up for a free trial. I told him I wanted to send back my 2 shipments for a refund and he indicated that was not an option. I asked him to cancel my shipments and further charges to my credit card. I asked him to produce a company name/email/website for the product which took a number of requests before he could provide this information. He skirted this for a while before finally giving me the website after about 5 requests. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said they were experiencing larger than normal call volumes and he would have someone call me back. This was after waiting on hold numerous times for him to talk to someone to get basic information he as a customer service rep should have been able to answer. When I asked him what ph number he had on file for me, he gave me a weird 1800 number that is not correct. It then took him even longer to produce a number for me that I used when I signed up for the free trial. I asked for his full name and employee number and he turned around and said, ‘what’s your full name?’ I indicated he should have that information on file if he said I agreed to monthly shipments of this product and has my credit card and shipping details. He did provide a name (Jax Peterson employee #8452 but who knows if this is real). He said it is my responsibility to read the terms and conditions so it’s my fault and he had done all he could for today.

The ad was very unclear and only indicated it was a free trail with the cost to the consumer of $10 for 2 products. Clearly this was misleading or I never would have signed up. As a customer I should be able to return a product for a full refund if it has not been opened. I understand I will likely incur the shipping charges, but a full refund should be an option. He said it was not. They did offer me a refund for my most recent shipment but did not ask for the product to be returned. If this stuff really is worth $209.58, you think they would want it back before refunding me my money. This has scam written all over it and I am disappointed in myself this happened as I am usually skeptical of these online ads and always try and find them using a search engine and read the reviews before committing to anything. The sizes of the products are very small and appear to be a trail size. Bottom line is the ad said $10 for a free trial, not $10 shipping for full cost of product to be billed as a separate charge. Please help….this is a lot of money for some small bottles of product.

Barbara –

Total money lost $300

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Free cream trial offer turned into monthly unauthorized charges that they refuse to acknlowdge, they also do not send the product. When calling customer support it is a Philippines based, unprofessional call centre refusing to help, or provide company information.

They do not have a location to search for except this dispatch loation


Phone #: 12892761919

Business hours: 24/7 Mon-Fri / 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EST on Saturday and Sunday

Email: [email protected]

RMA: PO Box 1202, Willowdale, ON M3J 0L3

Nathan –

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Online Purchase

The advertisement showed that this creme was endorsed by Arlene Dickinson after seeing the Market place episode on scams – I see that Arlene had absolutely no knowledge of this product, in fact her lawyers are trying to find the source of this scam.

They get your credit card info to pay the shipping, but once you accept the free product – they automatically put another product in your shopping card…..and it automatically charges it to your credit card – there’s no back button or opportunity to remove this item. I immediately emailed them before they shipped – to tell them I didn’t want this product, their email response was to call them – when I did – they did not answer, I left voicemails – again – no answer.

I am not on monhtly auto ship – and I can’t seem to get it canceled.

Erik –

Total money lost $209.58

Type of a scam Online Purchase

They send you the "free" trial of face creams for shipping costs. I paid $10.89 for the shipping. What is not made clear is you must inform them within 14 days of ordering, not receiving, the trial, otherwise you are charged the full price. I was billed $209.58 fifteen days after I fell for the scam. Total cost $220.47.

Regina –

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Purchased a cream, was offered two free samples for a shipping fee. They charged me for the products and then charged me again twice for nearly a combined total of $200. Immediately called to get a refund, customer service repeatedly said that auto-payment is written on their term and conditions which I was not aware of! If I was, I wouldn’t have bought the product. IT"S A SCAM be careful.



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