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Edward –

Victim Location 91942

Type of a scam Travel/Vacations

I am not sure what type of scam this falls into. My father-in-law (J) has been getting a call for this individual for about 6 months now. The scammer wanted J to be in front of a computer when the scammer calls. J does not have a computer available, as he is now in a assist living facility. Yesterday, (Friday 03/07/2017) I was going over some information with J, and he received a call again from the scammer. The scammer wanted J account number so that the scammer could transfer $299.99. This is the amount that J paid at the beginning of last year, for a company the clean up J’s computers. Due to health problems J never used the services. J ask me (E) to talk to this person Steve Parker to set up a time for me to be home, so that the scammer could call me back. We set up a time and gave him my home phone number. When he called me back, and the caller ID came put as PRIVATE number. Which I began to become suspicious at that time. He asked me to go to He asked me to download there site to the computer, which I did. The first screen came up with a ID# and password. I wrote those numbers down. He then gave me a confirmation number. The scammer then wanted me to go the next screen which had another ID# and password. He gave me a confirmation # again. I (E) was instructed to go to the bank and sign into J’s account. The account the J gave him earlier. I was in the account a verified that the $299.99 was not deposited. The scammer asked that I leave the page up, that they were in the process of transferring the money. At that point small boxes starting to come up. I had no control over the mouse and the screen went blank. The scammer indicted that it will take 5 to 10 minutes to transfer. Another scammer Richard came on the line as I turned off the computer and wanted to know if I lived alone. I (E) told him that the answer to the question was not appropriate and had nothing to do with the transfer. He then put Steve on the phone again and asked me not to touch the computer. I indicated that my screen went black. I proceeded to keep him talking. I got my phone out so that I could record him talking. He wanted me to sign back in the website and start over. I indicated that my screen was blank. He ended the call. The information that come up on J’s cell phone caller ID came up as Cornerstone Ins. with this number 402-xxx-xxxx. Steve gave me his number of 323-xxx-xxxx. I have all of the phone numbers, ID #, passwords, confirmation numbers. I also have the recording of the end of the call.



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