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Marie –

Victim Location 39479

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

Scammer sent check by United States postal service priority mail ,. There was a check and a sheet of paper say that im being hired for a secret shopper and this was my pay. Check is from community Bank of Louisiana amount of 2,440 dollars

Desiree –

Victim Location 92886

Type of a scam Employment

I applied to an online classified ad to a job being a secret shopper for Consumer Analysis Inc., going to various restaurants, banks, clothing stores, etc. to report my experience during my shopping at these various locations. I hadn’t heard anything for sometime, 2. 3 months and I received a priority mail envelope with a check for $2,050.00 to carry out my first duties as a secret shopper. They told me to deposit the check and that it should clear in 24-48 hours, which we all know doesn’t happen in less than 3-5 business days, normally 5-10 in my experience. So, I called the bank that the cashier’s check was sent from Stillman Banc Corp, N.A in Illinois. and asked if there were funds to cover the check. The woman who answered asked for the check number and in a few minutes informed me that there was no such cashier’s check issued with that number and that the check was indeed bogus. That is why I am here writing this complaint to the BBB.



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