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Shawna –

Victim Location 95827

Type of a scam Employment

A person test messages me and phoned me regarding an application I had on file years ago on Monster and Career Builder. ‘Ana’ told me that she wanted me to email her my Nursing license information and didn’t care that I had an expired CPR card and was not interested in any other information from me. I asked her about pay rates and states that I required a certain amount per hr, she stated that they could pay me my request amount (which is not typical in haven’t work at all). Agencies generally don’t agree with salary requests and instead will reject request and say that pay is dependent on clients’ contract and employees’ experience. I requested that Ana send me an application to fill out. The application was very generic and have no company information on it. I went to the domain which redirected me to a generic website with no company information. There was a generic inquiry form only. An address at the bottom of the page is actually an address for a starting center that staff’s for call center. Links to a Twitter account and Facebook account were inactive and I suspect the symbols were placed there to fool people into thinking they had a presence on socialism media. I spoke to the receptionist at the business at the physical address listed on the website and she confirmed that they are not a medical staffing service and that they have never heard of ‘consult hire’. I believe this was a fishing scam designed to fool medical personnel into divulging their license information and other information for illegal use. I gave no information to this contract person. Thank You.



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