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Lindsay –

Victim Location 60439

Total money lost $249

Type of a scam Tech Support

They locked up my computer, told me they were representing Microsoft to repair the issue. Sold me tech support for $249,00 and installed infected programs on my computer. Then I was told they were giving me a one year free subscription and were going to refund my money. But the only way they could issue refunds were in $1500.00 increments and I needed to purchase Walmart gift cards for $1250.00 for the difference. It couldn’t be Visa or MasterCard, just straight Walmart and call them with the numbers. They had me set up a paypal account to send their $1500.00 into but of course it was never transferred so I immediately alerted paypal to the scam and closed the account. It cost me almost $200.00 to have my computer serviced and all the infected programs removed by a local shop. I also cancelled all credit cards, disputed payment of the $249.00 to them and reset all passwords on accounts. They now have the nerve to challenge my dispute with Citibank.



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