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Antonio –

Victim Location 65714

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

First: I received a letter of instructions via Priority Mail with a check $1,589. instructed to deposit in my checking account. Then to go to Wal-Mart and be a "silent shopper" and observe. $300 of this check was to be mine for compensation in taking part of the survey. Then I was instructed to purchase any item for $50 and to write how the clerk took care of me with the purchase. Next I was to get a Money/Gram transfer at Wal-Mart in the amount of $1,200, made to the Feedback Dept. :Receiver’s Name: James Rashford: Receiver Location: Atlanta, GA 30321. Then to send the Walmart receipt # and Money/Gram transfer reference # via text message to : 424-221-8339. Needless to say I will NOT deposit the check and will NOT destroy it nor the letter, because this is needed to verify the scam. What has me angry is that in addition to this: In the last three days I have received text messages from Mr. Kevin Pringle (Task Manager Community Research, Inc.) on my cell phone "harrassing me" as to if I have made the deposit yet. I have not responded back – BUT have kept the texts from him. Please help me with this. I would like to press harrassment charges. I will send you a copy of the letter, but not the check because that has my name on it.

Rebekah –

Victim Location 68117

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I was sent a priority mail envelope on 03/31/2017 From: Taylor Michael 524 Russ Ave., Waynesville NC 28786. It contained a Walmart survey instruction sheet and a blank Postal Money Order for $1,000.00. The objective of this assignment is to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the Walmart staffs and systems. Then instructs you to “Fill out the money order with Maria Gacia, Hesperia, Ca 92345 in the from box and your personal information on the pay to and address column on the money order. Next you are to deposit the check at your bank immediately you receive the package the fund will be made available in your bank account immediately or in less than 24 hours. You will deduct $200.00 as your rewards, you will shop at the store not spending more than $30.00; on any item you purchase will be yours. After that need to send funds through Walmart to Walmart money transfer with the amount of $730.00 to Alexander Daniel, Chocago IL 60622 and $20.00 for transfer fee. While doing the transfer you are to take note of the name of the cashier/attendant, customer service standard, time in and out of the store, efficiency of the store clerks, and demeanor of cashier and finally the neatness of store while not alerting the attention of employees or other customers. After completing the assignment within 24 hours from the time you receive your survey kit you need to confirm your survey to us with Walmart receipt # and the Money Gram reference # via email [email protected] or text to (424)221-8339 immediately you finish your survey at the store. You will fill a survey form so you can share person information I mean experience in the store with us; check your email for the survey form to fill out, you have to answer the entire question on the form. Signed by Research Manager Mr. Michael Schwirian Community Research, Inc.



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