Comenity Bank/Victoria’s Secret

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Steve –

Victim Location 85392

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I receive several unwanted harassing phone calls daily from this place that identifies themselves as Comenity Bank. They use several phone numbers with a variety of area codes (614) 212-?***, (913) 312-***, (913) 312-?***, (720) 456-?***, (720) 456-?***, (913) 312-?***, (913) 312-?***, (614) 754-?***, (614) 754-?***, (614) 754-?***, (614) 754-?***, (913) 312-?***, (720) 456-?***. If I have my phone on during the day a variety of these numbers call me and when I answer they hang up. Other occasions I have my phone off and I will have a voice message with any one of these numbers leaving the message. I listen to the recording and it states to call C?*** Bank at (800) 695-?***. When I call a recording requests that I enter my Social Security Number (RED FLAG). I just enter random numbers until I get to some man with an indian accent. He identifies himself with a different name every time I call. He always asks for my full Social Security Number. I refuse to give it to him. I will test him by telling him I have thousands of dollars to give him and he continues to try to get my Social Security Number, of course I refuse. I’ve tried looking up the number and there are other people that report similar experiences on comment sites. One site identifies them as Victoria’s Secret Fraudulent billing in San Antonio Texas.I also looked up C?***┬áBank, there is a site and the number for them is different (800) 303-***. I tried calling this but I am unable to get through to someone, I eventually get sent to a full voice mailbox. I have recently registered my number on the National Do Not Call List with the Federal Trade Commission. I have to wait 30 days to file a complaint with them.



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