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Jillian –

Victim Location 90057

Type of a scam Identity Theft

I applied for a "job" and email this "recruiter" ([email protected]). And then very quickly I got a call (973-841-2245) from NJ but I didn’t pick it up. I live in CA and I don’t usually pick up calls outside CA. Then I got another call (415-728-0368) from San Francisco. I used to live in the area so I picked up the phone. The woman (named Pallavi D. Singh) with a very strong Indian accent claim her as a recruiter from Collabera and she saw my application. I was in the middle of the busy work so I couldn’t think too much and told her to hold off. She asked me for my information, my resume and my rate expectation. I hanged her off and she called very shortly after and keep pushing me to confirm information. I told her I am busy and will get back to her later. She didn’t ask for my SSN or address. She just asked for my resume and current location. She even has a Docu Sign file that required me to sign to confirming my information that no other agency can submit my resume for that job position. I was really in a rush at work and kind of just give her my resume just trying to get it off the table. I really regret it, I didn’t think it through because I was under pressure and she kept pushing me. When I get off work I just didn’t smell it right so I did a little digging on the Internet and found they are scams. I am really afraid that if I am in any kind of trouble. At least they don’t have my SSN and address. I blocked the phone number and just hope I am not in any trouble. They need to be stopped! They are hurting good people! Someone should do something about it, they all need to be behind the bars!

Maggie –

Victim Location 75218

Type of a scam Employment

The exact same scam happened to me today. First they bait you by posting a job with a reputable client on a reputable jobsite board. Then, if you express an interest, they have your phone number and call you asking for personal information.

I was stupid enough to fill out the last 4 digits of my SSN and birthday to some Indian woman, very hard to understand and pushy. They also called more than once. But when I realized this felt very wrong, I tried to call her back, then the company. No answer, no live person at all answered so I’m thinking the phone number originated from India and bounced to an Illinois phone number. I left many voicemails and emaiI messages to rescind the offer and remove all of my information from their database. So I let them know that I knew it was a scam and would report them to the BBB.

I also called them out by telling them I have 2 friends (which is true) that work at this reputable company and that I knew it was not a real job. That tactic seemed to work because she did email me and call me back to confirm they removed me from their database. I’m sure they only got back to me after I threatened them with a lawsuit and gave them my backup to prove no such job existed.

This was extremely upsetting to me. Upsetting because of thinking other hardworking people like myself just trying to get a job and they have to deal with something like this. I only hope it helps.



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