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Peter –

Victim Location 44212

Type of a scam Other

This person knew my address however, paused during the middle of saying it for some reason, I found that suspicious from the start! Then told me two couriors were coming with a delivery for me and that I was to meet them outside between noon and 3. I also needed two forms of ID to show them to receive my documents and that if I did not receive my documents that they would charge me for each delivery attempt. Then at the very end before I was hung up on, this lady said very threatening that if I do not accept these documents I will suffer the consquences!

Tony –

Victim Location 43207

Type of a scam Debt Collections

these people have called me from 5 different numbers 2023703248 and told me that they are with cnb and i have a complaint summons attached to my name and social. he said i owed them and he can see it on my credit karma that i still owe and I am being taken to court and being subpoenaed. when i asked for the address and what the location of the company they were calling from they said tha’ts none of my business and i refused to answer any of there questions until ik that they arent a scam. well they told me they will see me in court. I called back and another person answered and say the ppl lrft for the day and that he was the janitor and i asked hi, what the address to the business and he said he didnt finish high school and he doesnt know where he is or how to read. so watch out for cnb!

Brian –

Victim Location 96813

Type of a scam Debt Collections

1-800-745-1933 and 1-844-777-9601 called with a recording that I owed money from 2013 and will bring me to court. They had the last 4 of my social security information. They said they were CNB, but didn’t say what that stood for or where they were located. Got nothing in the mail from them.



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