Charlie Foxx/Adams Goldberg

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Alison –

Victim Location 44130

Total money lost $40,000

Type of a scam Romance

Her name is supposedly Charlie Foxx….she told me she was a nursing student in Dallas and then transferred to SSM HEALTH in st.louis. She always needs money for tuition or medicine ECT ECT of course only by Amazon cards. Her phone is broken so she can’t call or send pics…only text. Imagine that. Then she told me she has a inheritance and her lawyer is Adams Goldberg…but it costs 13grand to get. Very broken English through text…sad thing is I fell for it. They got me for about 40 grand and the meeting never took place. The phone number is registered out of New York and lawyer who said he with G&G law firm in Chicago phone is out of Texas. G&G law firm has never heard of Adams Goldberg. Pure scam…they have people in this scam all over United States as well. When I wired money it always to a different name in a different state. I am a [censored] but hopefully no one else gets taken.



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