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Kari –

Victim Location 47374

Type of a scam Employment

My daughter was contacted by a company called Champion Industries in Richmond, Indiana for a job interview. During the job interview the position was described as a customer service position. She was specifically told she would do no selling. She was told the company handled several household appliances and that she would only be dealing with people after they bought products because the company offered a lifetime warranty. She was told she might have to do some light assembly, but no selling. My daughter showed up for her first day of orientation only to discover she would not only be selling a product, but would be selling door-to-door. The product was Kirby sweepers. At no time during the hiring process was there ever mention of Kirby sweepers or of having to sell sweepers door-to-door. The position my daughter interviewed for and believed she was hired to do was not anywhere close to the job the company was training her for or expected her to do. This company is misleading job applicants during their interviews regarding the work they will be actually doing. In fact, they are being told specifically they will not be doing what they are actually expected to do. People are quitting their jobs with the expectation they will be doing one task only to find out they have been deceived and expected to do something completely different.



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