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Mandy –

Victim Location 90745

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a collections notice in the mail from Central billing stating I owed Readers Discount Center $1000. I did not receive any bills for the alleged time that was not paid. when I asked the collection agent for the contact number to the Magazine company to sort this out he stated they were no longer handling the account so therefore he could not provide me with any contact info. He offered me a deal to pay $600 up front and this debt would not be sent to my credit report with a negative standing but the deal was only good for 24 hours. Knowing an unpaid debt sent to a collection agency would already be on my credit for non payment I did some research. I got a contact number to the Magazine and spoke to an associate that has been employed there for over 20 years. She was very helpful and stated that my account indeed was closed with no outstanding debt. She stated she had never heard of this collection agency and they do not work with them. Upon doing some online research there is no information to support that Readers Discount Center is a real company. It appears this is a scam, most likely cooked up by a past employee that has knowledge of the billing system and access to customer information. DO NOT PAY these scam artists. Check your credit report to see if you have any accounts in collections or non payment. the office is some broke down store front in Los Angeles , and the number you call is just a voicemail box. Its all super shady!



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