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Jorge –

Victim Location 32818

Type of a scam Employment

I received texts from a woman who claimed to be notifying me that a company saw that I applied for their remote position & wanted to interview me for the position. She gave me the name of who would be conducting the interview, via Google hangout, named Matthew Philip. The interview was literally him texting on Hangout with horrible grammar & asking me questions to determine if I am a good candidate. He would tell me I had to "report" to Google Hangouts at 9am most days & he would make small talk about the job. I was suspicious because he never mentioned filling out any paperwork for W-2s or insurance. There were also several setbacks with him sending the check for the office supplies. It never made sense that I had to get money to buy it from a "vendor," whom I later found out was by the name of Deonta. It also didnt make sense that he gave me the check information (tracking number for it in the mail) until after it was delivered to my house. That was [censored]ic to me. There was mention of conducting business through a company in order for them to set up the laptop I would be issued with software for work, but never a name for the company either. I was able to research the company & found it existed, but got no other information to do further research. I was not sure if they picked up on my suspicions by asking numerous questions either. But eventually the check was mailed to me on May 5th & it looked real enough, but i still had doubts. I deposited it & the teller instructed me that it had a hold on it until the 14th (of March). I felt uneasy after depositing the check, because I wasnt sure if it would fall back on me, negatively. I was immediately aware that this was not ok because later that day (after the deposit), "Matt" was messaging me asking about me sending $700 to the "vendor" Deonta. He was more impatient & tried to be persuasive about me hurrying & sending the money. He sent me a few long messages about why I should send the money & how we "could get a lot of work done before the 14th." This was horribly misspelled & unprofessional & read as a desperation attempt to just get my money. I lied & said I was grocery shopping & wanted to send it afterwards. He sent me the vendor’s name & contact on CashApp. I told him I would rather wait until the check cleared on the 14th & he replied, "ok as you wish." I never sent the money. I got a notification from my bank on the 8th that my account was overdrawn & sort of locked because the check turned out to be suspicious. My bank returned my money after I told them what happened. I also want to make note that this "Matt" person still contacted me on the 14th, seeming to think that everything is still ok. I do not plan on sending any response to them to alert them that I’m fully aware this is a scam. I do, however, plan to alert the company to inform them. I will be attaching screenshots of the information I have & the check, as well as the conversations. I would appreciate someone contacting me so I can provide more information about this issue, as well as more images (I can only upload one).



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