Check reviews to see if it is legit.

Erica –

Victim Location 07501

Total money lost $41.78

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I purchased a coat or at least I thought I purchased a winter coat from an online distributor I located this online company via an advertising posted on my personal Facebook page. I ordered the coat from this company way before the holidays. Here it is now Mid Feburary of 2019 and yet no merchandise.  I received an email from the vendor stating that the merchandise is no longer available and I could choose another item equal to the value of the coat or request a refund. Not only am I not interested in purchasing the merchandise anymore now I must wait 7-10 days to receive my refund. I will NEVER, EVER, purchase from an online distributor such as I will also make FB aware of the poor customer service.

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Louis –

Victim Location 44123

Total money lost $84

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I was on my cell phone and had a pop up from the company. Cathy’ I clicked on the pop up and placed an order. I may have placed the order at the end of November. They sell household items, women’s clothing and jewelry. I ordered a coat for $44 and a pair of boots for approximately $40. I never received these items. I am unable to provide thei E mail at this times. They do not respond to my E mails. They withdrew about. $84 from my account. I have no merchandise.

Janelle –

Victim Location 48227

Total money lost $29

Type of a scam Online Purchase

DO NOT BUY FROM THEM, THEY TAKE YOUR WIRE TRANSFER AND NEVER DELIVER THE PRODUCT! Oh they are good in communicating before they receive wire transfer, after you don’t hear from them! Yes, we all try to save money but at what expense. It’s better to spend a little extra but buy from reliable source within U.S. Their license should be revoked!!!





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