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Marisa –

Victim Location 91001

Total money lost $64.59

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I am a avid online wig purchaser – mainly into "Lace Front Wigs". One day, reading my Instagram timeline I came across a "flash Deal " Casei were having for wigs . The initial deal is a lace front wig with a video of how well it blends with any scalp and how versatile it is because you are supposedly able to part it anywhere . However once I paid for the wigs I selected ( I ended up buying 3). No one reached out to give me an arrival date – not even a confirmation email. I had to write them several times via email for an arrival date. I didn’t get an answer until I mentioned the word SCAM in my email someone finally emailed me back. Once I finally received my products I was so discussed because I wanted LACE FRONT WIGS- these wigs had absolutely no lace and no part!!… also they promised that is was 100% human hair- LIES ALL LIES- all 3 wigs smelled like they were fresh from a car making factory. I’ve been asking for my money back every since I received these horrible wigs. I even sent them a video showing them how the wigs look – but nothing- word of advise if you are scrolling Instagram & find a so called DEAL on LACE FRONT WIGS. CHECK THE SELLER – IF THE NAME CASEI comes up RUN!



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