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Laura –

Victim Location 90008

Total money lost $1,000

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Having recently used similar services to purchase and sell gift cards, I did not think to research LLC. I provided the details of my $1000.00 Macy’s gift card. In exchange, I was promised an $815.00 check sent by mail. More than a month has past and still the check has not arrived. I’ve called and sent messages regarding the status of my order and have yet to receive any response. This company is running a racket. An address in Arizona is provided on their website. LLC is registered in Wyoming. Why would a business register in a different state from which it claims to operate? Now that I am aware of the numerous complaints people have made about Cardflip, the answer is clear. This company exists only to rob its customers.

Martin –

Victim Location 46060

Type of a scam Online Purchase

On Feb 9, 2019, I purchased 2 AMC Theatres gift card, and charged $35.00. I rec’vd the electronic gift cards and as I do with all gift cards, I went to the website of the card it was for and checked the gift card balance. Both card numbers were invalid.

I contacted CardFlip through their support option on the website and through several emails, I was offered a replacement gift card for Regal Cinemas. I rec’vd that electronic gift card and went to the Regal site to check the balance, and again, the number was invalid.

I called CardFlip on March 4, 2019 and spoke with Crystal (who was supposedly a supervisor) and I told her the problem. I told her at this point, I did not want a replacement and instead wanted a refund. Crystal said the $35.00 would be refunded within 3-5 days.

I have checked my bank account every day for the refund and it has never been deposited back into my account. I called CardFlip today and spoke with Alicia, because she said that Crystal wasn’t available. Alicia said they did issue a refund on March 4, and I said they did not, because I have checked my account every day and it’s never been put in. She then said that maybe there was a problem with it going through, so she was going to refer this to the owner so that they could check into it. I told Alicia that she can do what she wants, but I was going to dispute the charge on the card that I used.

I just got off the phone with my bank, to dispute the charge. I also asked her if she could see anything on their end that showed an attempt at a deposit, and she didn’t see anything. So, my bank is filing a dispute with CardFlip.

I won’t be out the money, but this company, CardFlip is clearly ripping people off by selling fraudulent gift cards and then not refunding money.

Lisa –

Victim Location 01002

Total money lost $978

Type of a scam Online Purchase

I ordered two $500 whole foods gift card from Card Flip on June 30, 2018. They charged me $978 on my credit card but I’ve never received any gift card. I tried to contact them multiple times by emails and phone calls. Sometimes I didn’t hear back from them at all. Even if I was lucky enough to get their replies, they lied to me saying they’re going to send me the gift cards but never did and the issue’s still there. I’ve already filed a complaint on on Jan 15th and the owner said they’re working on finding a solution but I’ve never heard back from them ever since. I still haven’t received either the refund or the gift cards…

Stephen –

Victim Location 85260

Total money lost $450

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Sold Safeway gift cards to them on 07/05 ($100 x 5) and the balances have been used/wiped out at Safeway 1849 store (located in Arizona, also their headquarters location – coincidentally??) in following days!!! No payment, and keep falsely promising!! Tried to call and write but NO response! Buyer beware!!

Don’t make the same mistake as I did. It will be a HUGE hassle for you. You are NOT protected when selling gift card, so don’t just because few dollars more in $ and use this company. PLEASE STAY AWAY. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!



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