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Timothy –

Victim Location 92372

Type of a scam Credit Cards

I received a phone call yesterday from a person claiming to work for Capital One. He said he was calling to offer me a lower interest rate because I had been making my payments on time and paying more than the minimum payment. The n he proceeded to ask me for the first four digits of my credit card and the last four of my social security number. He said he needed it to verify that I was who I was. I gave it to him like a fool. Then he said he needed my full credit card number I knew this was not right I told him I would not do that and that they already had my account number. He then put someone on that was supposed to be his supervisor. He said they were only trying to verify my information. I told him I will not give you anymore information and he hung up. Please warn people about this scam.

Nathaniel –

Victim Location 53081

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a letter claiming to be from Capital One Customer Fraud Protection saying that I may be a victim of identity theft. Therefore, I looked at the addresses of the letter and the envelope and they are both different! The one on the envelope is from P.O. Box 85619, Richmond, VA 23285-5619, while the other in the letter is P.O. Box 30277, Salt Lake City, UT 84130-0277! In addition, they sent this letter to an address I never give to Capital One and asking for an incomplete name. Also, the Live Chat Capitol One Rep said that they never issued a letter to me and my account was perfectly fine. This is a totally scam!

Cody –

Victim Location 88049

Type of a scam Phishing

The claim was that my credit card company was required by the Federal Government to have my physical address and to call right away or my card would be cancelled.

It seemed abit off. So I called the number on my card. I talked to the faud department & customer service. Both said Capital One does not request that information.

Terry –

Victim Location 75202

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Called themselves capital one disputed transaction department. Had my first name spelling incorrect. Had my middle initial wrong. Had my address wrong. I asked to be transferred to the fraud department they said they were the fraud department. I said I dont think you are in fact I dont think you are capital one. They then asked for my DOB I said no. They said its public record to which i replied what do you need me for then. She then hung up.

I called Capital One they verified this was an attempted scam by establishing no Capital One employee made any such call

Erin –

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Received a phone call from someone purporting to be from Capital One in which the caller wanted to confirm my address in order to send me a gift card for $50.00. I asked them what I had to do to get the gift card. The caller said I did not have to do anything except confirm my address. The caller told me the gift card was being sent as a reward for making my payments on time every month. They then read an address to me and asked if it was correct, which I neither confirmed nor denied (it was the correct address). They told me they would mail it to me even though I did not confirm the address. I decided to check the mail to see if one came but after a week I received nothing, and so I called the number they gave me, which was a perpetual recording, which did not identify any business name, telling me no one was available to take my call, but that my business was important to them and to wait on the line. After 5 minutes no one picked up the call. I realized it might be scam so I called Capital One and they told me that 100% it was a scam, as Capital One was not running any such promotion.

Heather –

Victim Location 16442

Type of a scam Credit Cards

Victim received a call from someone claiming they were from Capital One trying to urge them to make changed or their rates or your rates will go up. When the victim began asking questions the individual on the other end began using excessive profanity/hung up. When the victim attempted to call back at a later time the number no longer in service/the number was in no way affiliated with Capital One.



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