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Victor –

Victim Location 85730

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by a company by text phone number 6266250426 on Sunday March 17th 2019 who I believed was a legitimate company who said that They found my app on a employment site. on and wanted to do a interview for a Data processing position. I said yes and they said that it has to be conducted on Google hangouts I did not have Google hangouts so I downloaded the APP on my phone The person texting me said that I was to contact Hannah Dempesy at [email protected] That day I Did just that Contacted Hannah Dempesy at [email protected] through Google hangout and proceeded to do a interview. Which took about 45 min the person AKA Hannah Dampesy then told me that the next step in the interview process was that I was to contact her the next day at 6:00 AM to see if I passed the requirements for the Job The next Day I did and was told that I Did very well on the interview. I was then told that they were going to send a check for home office equipment and I was to deposit it into my bank take a PIC of the receipt with the account number covered. After the check clears in two days I was then to get the home office equipment from one of there venders The next day I received a check Via FED X for 4350.77 I then deposited the check in my bank vantage West Took a pic of the receipt and sent it to [email protected] with the account number scribbled out. Went home and was told by my mother that it was a scam pulled up a KOLD news report check scam that was going on in my community I then contacted my bank and was advised that the check was fraudulent.



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