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Derrick –

Victim Location 95798

Type of a scam Employment

flyer posted on American River College bulletin board

States easy work, no experience required. Up to $12.00+/hr

On their company website in order to be hired you must pay $9.95 get registered and sign in to get work assignment.

The contact help desk is at the bottom of this page, please first read the answers to common questions. This is what I copied from their web page and their help site page.


web cite page

Work That Fits Your Schedule

No Experience Required

Flexible Part Time – Full Time

July 28, 2015

New People are Wanted for easy independent work, consisting of simple tasks like filling out online survey forms and reading email. You can do this from an internet connection (including most smart phones).

Relative Data: Filling out survey forms mostly requires clicking a box with your mouse. For email simply open / review it, then file / delete it. Good computer / typing / language skill is not required and this does not involve any personal selling. You set your schedule, start / stop and take time off when you want. Language translation is available.

A total of $25.00 in Starting Bonuses are currently available (bonuses are included on your first paycheck).

This is Perfect if you are a college student, want flexible income or you have a job and need extra income.

Available Now – Start Immediately

You qualify and will be accepted if you are 18+ years old. After you register simply log in whenever you want, pick opportunities that interest you and start working. There is a small one time registration fee to set up your work listing site access and password. Easy registration takes less than a minute. (Register Now while this is Available).

Register Now While Available Click Here


their second page

Is there an obligation?(help page)

This is easy and flexible. You can start / stop and take time off when you choose. When you have midterms, finals, Spring / Summer Break and need time off, simply stop for a while. Make Money without sacrificing Your Education / Social Life.

Is an interview or resume required? No

I don’t have a lot of spare time, is that ok?

You can make money whenever you have free time. You can turn wasted time before / after class into productive time. Compared to offline work where an hour+ a day is wasted on non paying prep time (grooming / commuting).

What is the initial fee for?

The initial one time registration fee is to set up Your Account and issue Your Password. With the high cost to maintain the site, the fee is necessary because we cannot have people who are only curious with no plan to follow through.

The fee is small compared to the cost in time / money involved in a traditional job search (resumes, interviews, clothing, grooming, gas, parking, training, calls, newspapers, letters, tattoo and social media problems, drug testing, background / credit checks). This can add up to hundreds of dollars +countless hours, a lot of stress / rejection and you still may not get work. Even if you find work, most jobs are almost impossible to do without hurting your grades and social life.

How am I paid? Usually by Paycheck or PayPalTM.

Is this safe? Yes (128 Bit SSL Secure Site), McAfeeTM and NortonTM Secured. Privacy TRUSTeTM Certified.

I don’t have a card to register. Get a gift card at a local store and come back. It is fast, easy and safe.

How fast can I start? You can start immediately. Get your spot now while this is available.

How do I register? Simply close this page and return to the registration area. Close Window



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