Call Me Van Line, Inc.

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Dana –

Victim Location 33715

Type of a scam Moving

I did an online request for a moving quote from St Petersburg Fl to Franklin NC in November 2016. We were over whelmed with the response, we received over 50 replies. Call Me Van Lines was one of the companies that responded to the email request. We selected a vendor and responded to all of the submissions thanking them for their response and making them aware that we had chosen a moving company. We continued to get responses from a few companies, after 1 week everyone stopped communicating except Call Me Van Lines. Call Me Van Lines has continued to send emails at least 4/5 each week. Each time I receive an email, I select to be unsubscribed from their system. However, it never seems to happen. On December 5, 2016, I sent the owner a personal email requesting to be removed from his system as I no longer wished to be part of his email list. However, I continue to receive emails. I believe this is a form of internet business harassment and as such I am asking you to look into this matter for me. I have attached the email that was sent on December 5, 2016. Since December 5, 2016, I have received 18 unwanted and unsolicited emails from Call Me Van Lines.



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