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Brad –

Victim Location 98391

Type of a scam Employment

I received an email from a company looking for mystery shoppers. I responded and forgot about it. Monday April 24, 2017 I received a check from a Red River Credit Union for $1977.21. There was a confirmation letter with instructions to email or text them when I received this. Then they would send instructions for what I needed to do. I printed the instructions and I took the check to my bank to see if it is real. They could not tell me if it was legit or not but suggested I call the credit union. I contacted the BBB and asked over the phone. The lady who took my call suggested I call the credit union with a phone # provided by the BBB. Then she looked into Fraud alerts and found some things by the same company that were fraudulent. The C S INC is a business with the return address given and it is legit but it is not the type of company these people are claiming to be. Someone is using the name and address to do this. The address is 4701 Irving Blvd. NW Albuquerque NM 87114. The BBB lady also gave me the phone number to the Western Union Fraud Hotline which I have also reported to. Since I did not cash the check they claim they can’t do anything. I just want people to be aware this is a scam. These people have my address and phone # also my email address but I will try to block them on what I can. I will hang on to the letters and the check in case you need them. Thank you!



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