Brookings Logistics

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Maggie –

Victim Location 43230

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Craiglist, selling a bobcat at a low price, saying her husband died and she needs the money and she had to move, she would only tex me, she would not answer the phone, She said she would only use Brookings Logistics, she would contact them and they would e-mail me an invoice,

and they did, they wanted me to transfer money to their account and they would ship me the bobcat. Brookings Logistics has a believable Web site, I called a local bobcat dealer and asked him to check out Brookings Logistics and the bobcat, There was no building or company at the address from the web site,

Trevor –

Victim Location 89085

Type of a scam Online Purchase

From Craigslist Ad/ a Kristine Berg posted a toyota minivan $7,200.00. emailed us , sad story her hubby passed away and that she could not use the van anymore, so selling it cheap. and purchase to be handled by Brookings Logistics in st. Cloud, mn. same procedure, 5 days to check out, wire money, 2-hour window only in bank, etc. very vague. Double checked with all car ship/escrow companies in that area. None. called their phone number a person named Alex just hung up on us after we asked some questions re "car" / vin, etc. quite suspicious. Definitely a scam! Be warned.



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