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John –

Victim Location 94061

Total money lost $4,200

Type of a scam Rental

found cottage apartment listing online, contacted the company and filled out their application for the apartment.

When application was approved my husband and I completed and signed a lease, sent our deposit of first month,

last month and 1,000 security deposit through zelle to the email address above. kept in contact with company via

email. went to pick up keys on Friday november 15th. Edward from BWC never showed up, called the company and

person who picked up said they were in traffic and planned to pick keys up the next morning. Went again to house

to pick up keys and nobody from company came again. Called company multiple times with no response and no

response to email. Called later that day and when person answering picked up and realized who i was they hung

up. Listing was then posted again on BWC website as well as craigslist.



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