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Rafael –

Victim Location 78216

Total money lost $195

Type of a scam Phishing

First contact was in March 2017, person called from San Antonio phone number saying they were offering extended warranty for my car. However I had to provide them with the make and model of my car. Although they said they worked with Nissan. I was transferred to several people all of whom sounded similar. I refused to buy saying it sounded like a scam. I pointed out that I had received nothing in the mail. The person said I would not be able to get get the same offer if I called back. A few week days later I received a pink notice in the mail from a place in Plano, Texas saying my Nissan warranty was set to expire. Today, Wednesday, April 12th I return a phone call from the second phone number listed. Someone offered me another warranty. When I said it was too much they offered another month to month price. This time they had a file based on all of the information I gave them previously. I bought the coverage. After having buyer’s remorse I called back the Customer Service number I was given. The 800 number listed. Instead of being connected directly to someone as previous times it disconnected. I called back and someone offered to take a message. When I called four hours later I was connected to a Ken man who badgered me about keeping my purchase. He was resistant to stopping the monthly payments and said I was in a binding contract although I hadn’t just made this purchase.



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