ATT – Medical Guardian

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Peter –

Victim Location 71115

Type of a scam Phishing

I received 6 calls from (800) 611-0500, thinking it was important, I answered and a man with a accent identified himself to be with AT&T saying someone ordered 2 IPhones to be delivered to Indiana with my phone number and am I responsible for this order. I told him no and he said not to worry, that he could fix it and I would not be charged with anything. He told me he was texting me a verification code and would I repeat it back to him. The text said “AT&T msg: Your temporary password is 212158. If you did not request this call 1-800-ATT-2020 (it says AT& T when you dial this number). We’ll never contact you to to ask for this password”. I did not notice the message, just the number to repeat back to him. He said he needed to send another one as the first one was not clear which he did, it said “ AT& T msg. Use this one-time verification code to complete sign-in:155217 We’ll never call, email or text you this code”. Since This looked familiar, I repeated the verification code to him and then I started asking questions, things were not making sense, he stated again that he was with AT&T and he was trying to prevent me from being charged for phones. I stated that I had not been notified of any charges on my credit card nor had he mentioned any charges just that my phone number was used and I hung up so I could call ATT. I called the 800 number back and it would not go through but I called back using 1800 and someone answered but I accidentally touched the mute button and they could not hear me. A few minutes later (318) 231-3036 called back and introduced himself from Medical Guardian saying someone from this number had called and was interested in a security system for the home.



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