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Allen –

Victim Location 44444

Type of a scam Healthcare/Medicaid/Medicare

In the last week I have received 3 calls to our company (roofing company) from people saying they received a bill they should not owe or they’ve had no idea why they received the bill. Today I asked the person what number they were trying to reach & replied 844-362-1735 which is no where near what our company’s number is (440-277-xxxx). She told me she was trying to reach Atlantic Medical Group in Boston, MA (we’re located in Elyria, OH). I let her know that I have been receiving quite a few calls for this company & to call her actual Dr. to verify company. I then looked online to see if I could find some contact info for Atlantic Medical Group. The website (google search result) that is associated with the number the person gave me only has the same number or an email address to contact them. No corporate or main address. I then searched the number on Premium & it has the 844 number listed as a mobile line with no name or address & based in Alton, KS. I called the 844 number & when I selected an customer rep from auto teller it responded to hold for rep & then nothing. I waited on the line for about 10 minutes. Complete silence the entire time. I hung up & called back. This time I was able to get a live person & let them know we were receiving calls for their company. I asked what their company’s home/corporate office address was & she told me Indianapolis, IN. When I asked for building/street name she rushed off the phone with me saying she was going to inform her IT guys that calls are being misdirected. At this time, I do not know if anyone has lost money or not.

I have not been personally scammed by Atlantic Medical Group but from receiving the calls & the lack of company info seems very phishy to me & just wanted to give BBB the heads up it may have a new scam artist to inform other people about. Also, if I continue to get these calls, I would like to let the people calling know it’s a scam or to try the number again.



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